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About Invisible Disability Ireland 
Invisible Disability Ireland is the only advocacy network of its kind in Ireland which focuses on raising awareness of invisible disabilities in Ireland.  

We focus on raising awareness and campaigning on behalf of people in Ireland living with invisible disabilities. Our aim is for people with invisible disabilities to have better awareness, empathy and understanding towards their conditions. We do this by supporting and empowering by providing information to all, with campaigns, leaflets and workshops. 

Although there are similar charities in the US and UK which look after the issue of invisible disability, there are no charities in Ireland which fully focus on the awareness and campaigning for people in Ireland living with invisible disabilities. Therefore Invisible Disability Ireland is a unique and much needed advocacy network and group to campaign & raise awareness on behalf of people with invisible disabilities. The ultimate aim of Invisible Disability Ireland is to raise awareness on invisible disabilities by providing a platform for a national conversation breaking away from the stigma of what a disability should look like. We also aim to bring empathy and understanding towards people with invisible disabilities through supporting and empowering by providing information and meeting other people in similar circumstances. 
Check out the website and our social media to stay up to date with our campaigns, posts and events happening today! Follow our main account on INSTAGRAM! to see our posts!!! @invisibledisabilityire 



Founder of Invisible Disability Ireland

Invisible Disability Ireland was founded in August of 2019 by the founder and director Emily Larkin. Emily was diagnosed with multiple health problems including rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, IBS, hypermobility syndrome and SVT. This inspired her to set up Invisible Disability Ireland as there was a lack of awareness and support towards people with chronic illnesses and invisible disabilities here in Ireland.


Emily has appeared on many media outlets discussing the work she has done as a patient advocate. She has also collaborated on many projects and campaigns alongside many organizations and has met many public and elected representatives to further highlight the ongoing difficulties facing people with invisible disabilities. 

Chances are, the majority of people don't understand what it means to have or live with an invisible illness or disability. That's because these conditions are completely invisible or internal and happen on the body's inside. For example, someone living with chronic pain can look completely 'normal' but could be struggling to do simple things like walking, shopping or eating. However, you cannot see their pain, because it is internal. The only way you could spot an invisible disability is if they use equipment such as a walking stick/frame or wheelchair. Its even harder for someone's invisible condition to be believed the younger you are. Did you know? Roughly 80% of all disabilities are invisible or less apparent! Therefore invisible disabilities make up a massive percentage of the disability population but yet have very little representation, awareness, understanding or support. That means the odds are stacked against people with disabilities including those with invisible disabilities. 

What is disability supposed to look like?

Diabetes              Sickle cell disease            Depression+anxiety                     arthritis             Crohn's disease 

So what now? 
Are you still interested to learn more about Invisible Disability Ireland? Have a look around at our website and be sure to follow our social media to stay up to date, we run campaigns and events all the time. You can however support us the most by speading our message either by word of mouth or via social media as we receive zero funding or help from the government or HSE. If you know someone who would benefit from our services, let us know!