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About Invisible Disability Ireland 

Invisible Disability Ireland is a national non-profit organization based in the Republic of Ireland. The ultimate aim of Invisible Disability Ireland is to empower, support, advocate and provide information, awareness and understanding of invisible and hidden disabilities. 

Challenging the Status Quo 
Our job at Invisible Disability Ireland is to challenge the current narrative and perception around disability with a particular emphasis on hidden and less apparent conditions and illnesses. Societies view on disability still remains problematic, one dimensional and archaic in the language, behaviours and resources used and allocated to persons with a disability. The universal symbol of disability endures; the person who is a wheelchair user, however this is not representative of the entire diversity of the disability population.  We want to shake things up! And show people what disability really looks like, how common it is and how deceiving it can be in the sense that 80% of all disabilities are completely invisible. 

What is an invisible disability?
A disability is any condition of the body or mind either developed, hereditary or congenital that impairs, impacts or reduces the ability of that person to carry out tasks or functions that an able bodied person without a disability would be able to do. A disability is an ongoing physical, health, or mental challenge. However, an invisible disability also known as a hidden disability, is when the condition or illness is less apparent, internal or invisible, meaning you cannot see the disability as it is happening inside the persons body with little outwardly symptoms or not immediately apparent. Invisible disabilities are an umbrella term used, invisible disabilities can be classified from moderate to severe, as it is a spectrum and also that every disability is unique and different to that person. Disabilities can also be classified into different categories such as physical disability, mental disability, illness and health condition to name a few. 


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