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* Please do not email personal issues or circumstances as we are not equipped to deal with these and unfortunately will not respond to them. . Please consult our FAQs page or our resource page. If you are looking for more information about the sunflower lanyard please visit where they can answer your question as we have no affiliation with the lanyard regarding application, postage and eligibility. Please also consult TFI with any questions relating to the Please Offer me a Seat badge and card. You can contact them through their website at *Please be patient and courteous  when contacting the organization as it is done completely voluntarily. Thank you!


Media Coverage

Check out some of the media coverage we have received below on Invisible Disabilities!

image 6 IDI .png

RTÉ PrimeTime
Emily was on Prime Time in a personal capacity discussing the effects of covid19 on cancelled or delayed surgeries and the impact on patient care during the pandemic 

The 404 with Odhrán Johnson Podcast 
The founder and director of Invisible Disability Ireland, Emily Larkin sat down with Odhrán Johnson to talk about life with an invisible disability and setting up IDI and everything in between! Click the arrow button in the center to play the clip!

Spun Out Article 
Emily Larkin, the founder and director of IDI, wrote an article for Spun Out on how "arthritis changed her life" and the effects of being a young person with a hidden disability here in Ireland 

Dublin City FM
Emily Larkin the founder/director of IDI appeared on the disability podcast Viva Vox on Dublin City FM, to chat about all things disability with Gary Kearney! Catch the interview below.


A girl after my own heart
Emily Larkin spoke to a girl after her own heart about life with a chronic and invisible disability. 


No notions travel podcast 
Emily Larkin, the founder and director appeared in the no notions travel podcast series, discussing travelling with an invisible disability. Check out the episode below!

image 4 IDI.png
image 7 IDI.png

Irish Examiner
Emily Larkin spoke to the Irish Examiner about the delays for patients in cohort 7 about receiving the covid 19 vaccination and the uncertainties for those who are vulnerable or at risk still waiting 

Louise Mac Sharry Show- 2FM
Emily appeared on the Louise Mac Sharry Show during invisible disability week to discuss the resources and supports in place for people with invisible disabilities. 

louise mac sharry.png

RTÉ Morning Ireland
Emily was on morning Ireland in a personal capacity discussing overcrowding in A and E and the concerning care given to patients across Ireland due to the flu season. This can be found on the RTÉ player. 

sean moncrieff.jpg

Newstalk FM 
Emily appeared on the Sean Moncrieff show to discuss International Day of Persons with a Disability, life as Founder and Director of Invisible Disability Ireland and living with an invisible disability.

heart article.png

The Echo
Emily appeared in her local newspaper discussing life with SVT- a serious heart condition that massively affects her life and took seven years to diagnose... 


Dublin South FM
Emily appeared on Dublin South FM on the show 'the view from here' with Sean O Kelly to discuss invisible disabilities. 

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