Sunflower Lanyard Scheme 

This is a scheme that originated from Gatwick Airport, on how to identify someone with an invisible disability when using their disability services. It has now grown and expanded to the UK and Ireland and can be used in shops, services and transport. To find out more or to get your own sunflower lanyard/ pin visit

Disabled Persons Parking Permit

This is a scheme which is now open to many disabilities including some types of invisible disabilities, depending on your condition and the eligibility criteria. To find out more information and to apply for the scheme visit

JAM Card Scheme

The JAM Card Scheme, short for (Just A Minute) was launched in Ireland back in 2019. This is a card for those who have a learning disability or difficulty or anyone with a communication barrier. When you present it, it lets someone know what they "Need just a moment". For more information visit 

DARE Scheme 

The Disability Access Route to Education is for any student sitting their leaving certificate with a disability, illness or condition which has a significantly impact on their education can apply for this scheme to reduce points for college courses , to ensure that everyone has an equal chance to progress into higher education. For more information, visit

Priority Pass for Persons with a


This is a pass that can be used for Disneyland Paris during their stay in the park. This pass is issued at City Hall for anyone who presents with a disability or documentation of proof of disability that you are less able to stand in queues due to that disability/ illness or condition. To find out more visit

Disability Allowance 

This is a social welfare payment from the Irish Government for people who have a permanent disability that prevents them from working in Ireland due to their condition with a weekly payment of €203. For more information visit allowance

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